Friday, March 20, 2015

Our Coffee Is Under Attack!

A devastating fungus has decided to attack our precious coffee, the one thing we all need in our lives! In Guatemala the disease among these plants is spreading fast, it's airborne and speckles on top of the leaves causing them to die and fall off. In 2012, the climate began getting warmer causing this "coffee rust" to spread easier. Argueta is now fighting this battle as well. These farmers are going to suffer do to the conditions, not only are their supplies going low but their money is rocketing down.  In El Salvador the rate of this fungus spreading is about 74 percent which is insane! In Costa Rice, the rate is at 64 percent while in Nicaragua, it’s at 37 percent. The lowest rate which is in Honduras is at 25 percent. All these numbers add up, if this is all you grow then it will be a huge struggle to keep your infected numbers low. Southern Mexico produces a lot of the region’s coffee and since this fungus is a problem, the government is going to sweep out all these terrible plants and replant them as a project to help those in need.

Did you know that about 54% of people in our nation that are over 18 years drink coffee? As a big seller, people will have to fight this fungus back with a kick. Just like Argueta, we will have to replace old trees that were grown to repel the rust. If you notice any problems or the beginning stages of this fungus then quickly replace those plants or even stump the tree. Meaning that you will remove parts of the trees that are infected to help them grow properly and healthy.  The main point is to inform those farmers growing coffee and allowing them to act fast! We shall not lose to this coffee rust!

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