Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Another Awesome Blog to Follow!

One of her awesome snaps of the Ink Caps!
I'm reviewing a fantastic blog called Mycologista by Lisa K. Suits, I had a difficult time trying to find a decent blog but instead I found an outstanding one. Why is this blog so amazing? Lisa takes her own pictures, it’s so natural. I feel as if I'm walking with her learning about all these different aspects on a specific mushroom. I love how simple her blog is too, you don’t have to worry about getting confused or losing your mind because the font and color throughout this page are easy to follow and easy to read. The labels throughout this blog are easy to find as well and she takes a little spin on them. The background of this blog doesn't have too much going on but connects with each of the pictures she takes. Aside from just taking pictures of mushrooms
and its surroundings, she takes pictures of nature friendly visitors. There are many pictures of turtles or bugs which are pretty cool, but there are numerous pictures of mushrooms and fungi.

Amanita Rubescens
The outline of this blog is very informative as well, the top gives a little information about herself and then there are many different links to different pieces you’d like to read about. For example, she has one on mushrooms which shows many pictures of mushrooms and the names so you can identify them. Then she has another section on the hikes she takes which could help foragers out there as well. I can’t get over the quality of her pictures though, it seems that she really cares about her posts and viewers. Also, if she hasn't been active lately then she would explain why. A blog that has great writing, great knowledge, amazing pictures, and cares about her followers is a blog that I would like to support and continue to read about!

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