Sunday, March 22, 2015

I Promise This Is Not A Rant!

How can one simply express their love for mushrooms? Well, let’s give it a go. Every single day, I walk to work. Some days, I don't even work but still stroll around the neighborhood on an adventure. I like to walk around taking pictures of interesting things which is basically what mushrooms are. Capturing that moment is amazing, to walk by the development of fungi is outstanding. I can't express it  so let me try to explain my love for them. Think about something you love. Have you thought of it? Maybe a hobby you have or something you like to do, well that's how I feel towards different sites of fungi. I think it's amazing how something that helps our world by being a decomposer or simply becoming a use as herbs or medicine is everywhere. I enjoy Humboldt County because many people here tend to go mushroom hunting. Since we basically are the mushroom town, we have perfect weather for it to so I can't blame people for loving it. I can't wait until I learn more about fungi so I can go on a forest adventure and identify as many as possible.

What can I not stand about fungi? Nothing really but we are facing a problem in the UK. There are illegal foragers destroying our beautiful fungi. This is what I cannot stand. Many gangs are picking all these fungi to sell to restaurants or other consumers. This is almost the same as cutting down trees, mushrooms help our environment! This is not only happening in the UK but basically anywhere that has a great growth in fungi, I just hate hearing about such destruction being caused. Half of the mushrooms these people pick get tossed away which is just unnecessary to begin with. I can rant about this all day but I'll save you guys by not doing that. For those who love fungi, keep it real and continue what you do because there is so much to fungi and mushrooms and even parasitic fungi. Many can learn and some people have created medicines from different types of fungi which is insanely interesting!

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