Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How To Identify Edible Mushrooms.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom (edible)

Don't you love taking a stroll down town and noticing all those little mushrooms, aren't you ever curious on if you can eat them? Which ones are dangerous? Which ones are delicious? Well, It amazes me on how many different types of mushrooms are out there, though it may be fascinating, it can be dangerous. If you decided to go foraging then I advise you to not trust luck but to trust knowledge. There are about 250 different poisonous mushrooms, aside from the ones that make you woozy. Choosing the wrong mushrooms can
lead you to the hospital. The worst part is when a poisonous mushroom looks just like an edible one. Many beginners take chances and are too excited to harvest or pick mushrooms, a lot of the time they decide to go with their ego and pick these mushrooms leading them to eating these tasty deadly snacks. That is the first mistake; you must understand the different characteristics of each mushroom.

The first step into making sure your mushroom is safe to eat is by trying to identify this mushroom. Having some sort of fungi guide is nice and will help you out a ton. If you legit, have no idea on what mushroom you are looking at then look at it's surroundings, the trees and places they grew on make a huge difference. You also must be careful when checking these mushrooms, the colors are very important. Let's say you find a mushroom but can't decided if its safe to eat. Wait off on it, instead take a couple pictures of it and do some research. Maybe look up the appearance of it online. I will say, don't always use the internet unless it's a safe website.

Don't eat any mushroom unless you are certain that it is safe and edible. Going mushroom hunting is better during spring and the late fall. Another awesome tip is that after those super rainy days, going out into the forests is when you will for sure find mushrooms. Unless you're a 100% sure on your identification on the mushrooms then do not eat it. This is also a great time to take some fabulous pictures. Many different mushroom guides have pictures and will show you the anatomy of them with a very informative description. Time is your friend, You will learn by constantly reading and learning about mushrooms and different species.

Check out these awesome guides for some great tips and pointers!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The End Is Near, For Bananas.

What if I were to tell you that the end is near for bananas. Yes, you heard right. The latest research has shown that there is a fungus destroying our beloved bananas. The fungus is called TR4 and can easily lead the bananas to extinction. The Cavendish is the most consumed banana and is the most affected. What is it? It's originally from Panama but seemed to have hitched a ride with our fruity friends. The Panama disease is found in the soil and can travel around, meaning it is contagious to other plants. Great thing this is not dangerous towards humans so we can control it with fungicides. The fungus has yet to travel to America but it has traveled to Central and South America and is making its way towards Costa Rica.

Did you know that the Cavendish banana is the most eaten banana? That people pick it over an apple or orange many times? There are around 1,000 different types of bananas but the Cavendish which is about 45 percent of the fruits crop is going downhill. Not only is that the problem but the fungus has spread throughout this specific crop, leaving a gigantic indent of 95 percent that are now effected with the TR4.

The interesting factor is that a man named Phoetz came down to a conclusion of developing a new breed of the fruits that makes them immune from the TR4. I will admit that this may be a better solution but the fact that it’s gonna take years to perfect may devastate other places. I guess we are stuck using fungicides and destroying many affected crops. The TR4 is the terminator of our crops and has targeted the one and only, bananas. A quick bit of advice would be to check your crops, preferably bananas constantly so you can get rid of the problem ahead of time.