Thursday, January 15, 2015

Let’s start off with how lazy I am, how I’d much rather stay home and watch TV or prefer to scroll through my phone then pay attention to my teacher. Lets fast forward to why I’m so interested in fungi. I was sitting in Biology class waiting for the clock to tick faster even though it felt as if it was going in slow motion. She spoke about a variety of fungi, usually I don’t pay attention to what she teaches but this in particular caught my eye. I was so intrigued by these different types of fungus. What really caught my attention was when she went over the parasitic fungi. Oh man, this was better than the lame posts on Facebook. She spoke about some sort of fungus that makes its host into a zombie. Well, not a literal zombie but it uses an ant as its host to grow inside and continue its parasitic cycle. I obviously didn't know much about it so that night I decided to explore you tube. I got so far into these videos that I just wanted to learn more about it. I always thought mushrooms and parasites were awesome but this is a whole other level of cool. Putting them together and realizing that there is a ton more information out there on specifically different types of parasitic fungi is going to be a new project for me.

I especially love photography and taking pictures of my finds in the forest so I decided to make this blog all about these odd discoveries. I want to be able to identify what I see, I mainly want to keep my research on these parasitic fungi as well. For me to be so interested in this topic shows how much fun I will have exploring these mysterious spores or weird mushrooms. If you are curious too on how such fungi can take over an insects mind and body to later on lead it to death then stick around because this blog is about to get a whole lot more interesting!

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